Lichfield Squash Club operates a Club League to provide members with the opportunity to play regular competitive games against a wider variety of opponents.

This operates as a traditional divisional box league over a set period, usually 6 weeks, with promotions and relegations taking place at league renewal.

The League operates via our MyCourts system and is only accessible to club members. Click the link below to view the leagues and update scores. You will need to log into your MyCourts account first.

Squash League Rules

Booking of games

It is the responsibility of all players to contact the other players in their league and to play all their games. If you offer your opponent courts on 2 separate occasions and they are refused, without being offered two suitable alternatives, score as 3 points and 0 points.

Game and Match Scoring

Each match will be decided on the best of five games, played in accordance with WSF rules.

Point-a-rally scoring will be used, with games played to 15 points, rather than the standard 11 points, in order to lengthen the matches. If the score reaches 14-14 then a player will win the game by 2 clear points, i.e. 16-14, 17-15 etc.

The league scoring system shall be as follows:

  • Matches can be claimed/forfeited in the case of a no show or an unarranged match as described in Section 1.
  • Within 24 hours of the match, the winning player must enter the score on the league section of MyCourts with the appropriate points as per the above schedule. The system will update the league table in terms of positions. If you do not update your score, you could lose out on promotion or be relegated as a result and once the league has ended the positions will not be reversed.
  • If a match is not able to be concluded during the booked court session, the players need to agree the point at which the match ends at the court changeover time.
  • In the event of the games being at 2-2 when the match ends, the deciding game may be claimed by any player who has a lead of five clear points, e.g. 12-7. This rule only applies to a 5th deciding game.
  • It is the responsibility of the match winner to enter the score immediately after the match.
  • The leagues module on MyCourts offers the possibility of scores being shared with the squash ranking system called SquashLevels by checking the relevant box. This facility should only be used if it has been agreed by both players in advance of the match taking place and in no other circumstances.
  • Should you be able to play on to conclude the match due to the follow on court not being booked, then both players must agree that the match continues and the above does not apply. If it is agreed to continue and the match has to end before being concluded, then a draw will apply, no matter what the points margin.
  • A bonus of 1 point per match played will be awarded to any player who plays all of the possible matches in their division during a league period.

Promotion and Relegation

Promotion and relegation between divisions shall normally be as follows:

  • Top two players go up a division.
  • Bottom two players go down a division.
  • Middle two players stay in the same division.
  • In the event of a tie on points the promotion will be decided by who won the match between the two tied players. If this still results in a tie then lots will be drawn.

New Entrants to the Leagues

Any player wishing to enter the leagues must submit their request in writing via text or email to the League Manager.

The new player will automatically be added to the lowest division at the start of the next available new league period, unless they decide to challenge into a particular division by way of a challenge match.

The rules for a challenge match are as follows:

  • The new player gains prior agreement to play the challenge match from any player in the division into which they are seeking to enter. There is no obligation on any challenged player to play the match.
  • The match is played using the same scoring format as regular league matches.
  • It is the responsibility of the new player to inform the League Manager of the result of the challenge match.
  • If the match is won, the new player will enter the same division as the defeated player at the start of the next league period.
  • No points will be awarded to either player as a result of the challenge match, either in the current or next league period. The challenged player’s league position will be unaffected.
  • If the match is lost, the new player will have one further opportunity to challenge into a division lower than the initial division into which they challenged. If this subsequent match is won, they will enter that division at the start of the next league period. If the match is lost, they will enter the leagues in the lowest division.
  • Promotions and relegations to the division will be affected by any successful challenge, e.g. division below may only promote 1 player.

Instructions on Injuries and Deletions

  • If a player becomes injured during the month and is unable to play the rest of their matches, they should email the Competitions Officer and their existing results will be void. Bonus points only will be awarded to those players who have already played the injured party, irrespective of the result.
  • If a player is injured during a match and has to stop playing, the victory will be handed to their opponent. The player will be awarded the games won but the opponent will be given 3 games. If you are 2 nil up and can’t continue you will lose 2-3.
  • If a player wishes to withdraw from the leagues, they should email the Competitions Officer.
  • Any player who fails to play a single match over a league period without notification of injury or valid reason will be deleted from the leagues.

Court costs

The cost of the court should be shared equally between both players, ideally and where possible by credit transfer through MyCourts.

League periods

The period for the matches will normally be shown at the top of the league tables on MyCourts. This will usually be 1.5 months, unless the Competitions Officer decides to extend to 2 months, for example during the main holiday periods such as Christmas and Summer, or for any other administrative reason.

Appeals and complaints

All appeals and complaints to be made to the Competitions Officer, whose details are available on the club’s website at www.lichfieldsquashclub.co.uk. Any appeal or complaint must be made within 48 hours of the match ending and the decision of the Competitions Officer will be final.

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