Lichfield Squash Club plays in the Staffordshire Squash Teams League, which operates both winter and summer season competitions.

Staffordshire Squash Teams League contains clubs from across the county, including a few teams located just over the border into Birmingham, the Black Country and Shropshire. A season involves playing each team both home and away, with the overall champions being the team that amasses the most points.

Team matches in Staffordshire involve five players, each of whom are allocated a “string”, which is a position one to five based on their relative playing levels. Each player then plays the respective string of the opposing team, using the traditional best of five games match format. The winning team is the one that wins the most matches, with points being awarded to each team for every game won and a bonus of five points awarded to the overall winning team.

Match nights are usually on Wednesdays, with a 7:00pm start for home matches and most away matches being a 7:30pm start. Spectators and supporters are welcome at our home matches and you can see when the team is playing by looking on the booking sheets in MyCourts. You can also access all of our fixtures, results and the current division table on League Master.

Team squash is a great way to develop your game as it will expose you to a wider variety of opponents at different levels of play. It is also a great way to experience other squash club’s courts and facilities, plus is very social, with after match food and drinks always provided by the home team.

If you are interested in team squash, please get in touch with our Team Captain, Gary Snowden.

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